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Practice? Practice?

Posted by Whispers on November 7, 2012 at 9:50 PM Comments comments (44)

So, I was bored, and decided to try something out of my comfort zone and test out the tablet.

My source of inspiration. (I'm not sure who she is, but I think she's pretty)

Started out with a sketch

Went over it with an black a marker (personally, it was the same brush, just darker and 2 pts thicker)

started applying the base color (I believe that's what they call it)

Started doing some shading. Yes guys, my canvas is my color palette

more shading and detailing

The hair wasn't so hard to color in,  I applied some base, shadowed, highlighted, drew in some grey/white strands, and proceeded blending everything together brushblur-llike brush

Anyway, I like the result, it was the hair texture I was looking for.

And finally.

Initially wasn't planning anything complicated.

I got a new signature..... it looks like.

What I've learned: I need to mirror when painting, to get a set of new "eyes" and new view. I also need to experiment with the brushes.

New Graphic Tablet

Posted by Whispers on November 2, 2012 at 10:55 PM Comments comments (0)

Craigslist is such a beautiful place! Who would'a thought you could buy used in good condition gadgets for a fraction of the cost? (I know you do, but I didn't) I am starting to open up to the idea of selling and buying stuff online. I bought this Wacom Intuos3 tablet in great condition (it seems almost bought, used for less than 6 months, and stored away since).

Like a beginner, I'm STILL learning how to control the pen, as I have never been able to do anything quite like it before.... well, does signing my name on the register screen thing at the grociery count? Anyways, you all know that since I can't afford products like photoshop, I'm always searching for software like it in my budget: free.

I found this great open source software (I believe it's linux based) illustration/paint/sketching program called MyPaint. To sum it up: WHY THE beep HAVE I NOT SEEN IT BEFORE? It's awesome!

Warning though: It's SOLELY for drawing from scratch. No photo editing.

Anyways, I wanted to show you guys what I have learned in less than 30 minutes with this pen. So I took an old picture I've created, which I've been DYING to re-edit (but haven't had the time to comit to doing for 2 months to halfway complete via mouse).



I mean, OBVIOUSLY it's not perfect, but I mean, you get the point. Alot more freedom with the pen tool, and it took me less than 15 minutes to outline, than it would have with a mouse (which would have taken hours, or even days if I didn't want to long term commit each day).

I'll continue practicing obviously, but so far so good, I can see myself really improving with this.

E.B.'s Drawing tools

Posted by Whispers on October 17, 2012 at 9:00 AM Comments comments (0)

You may have noticed a new button on the side bar recently; the PayPal Donation Button.

I am ready to advance into a much more professional  task, and I realize I need to have better tools in order to achieve better drawings, in a short amount of time.

What I have in mind is a tablet; a drawing tablet, and I wish to stop using the regular ole' mouse to draw my illustrations. It's time consuming, hurts my wrists and I can't fully express myself, because the smallest details that takes me 2 seconds to add in paper, takes 2 weeks to accomplish with the mouse. I looked around for a good tool for a newbie like myself (at an affordable price) and I found the Wacom Bamboo Create - Digitizer to be a good match, but it runs for a wopping $ 199 (I found a great deal for 150, but it's like once every month or so). Anyway, it's alot for me right now, and I could use some help, as I'm trying to get back on my feet.

There's another version, a cheaper version, but reading the reviews, the biggest complaints were painful wrists as it is only a 6 x 4 tablet with not much room to doodle around, and I'm already having troubles with that, even by using my trusty ole' mouse that I replace every 2 years.

I do plan on buying this around black friday OR cyber monday (first week of January), and I have until then to do so. Whatever I have left over I'll donate it to the red cross.

I have so many things planned, and I don't want to use my old method as it (once again) takes forEVER and all that spent time I could use to do some free poster giveaways content and such, and give back to the community through my art.

Anyways, whatever you can give would be trully appreciated, and mark my words, it is for a good cause. I am ready to explore this type of art as I'm not very familiar with it, and I'm ready to invest it on the well being of my community and all my nice fans too. Thank you!

Next Projects

Posted by Whispers on April 13, 2012 at 3:10 AM Comments comments (0)

I'm planning to reconstruct GVCN away from Basekit. As far as I know, it's a great sitebuilder.... but they put EVERYTHING in their server, and you can't exactly access it. Another downside.... no javascript support. :( So, I'll continue to navigate around.

Richland biz seems to be needing some serious sleek touchups, but other than that, I'm very satisfied with the layout, and the cms doesnt seem to give me problems.

Larritoshmedia is being developed and I'm using Drupal to construct it... (quite a journey I tell you)

For both sites I'm planning to implement jquery, at least for the navigation parts, and for richlan just to enhance the cart feature.

I'm so excited to announce that I am working on making all my sites responsive to external devices.

So expect to be seeing my sites fit your screen resolutions proportionally.  I am currently in the learning stage, but it's going very well, and I'm confident I will get this accomplished.

I am working on opening up another website (T_T) I know. Actually, remember my first site whisper2u? I had an epiphany and I figured out exactly what to do with it. I don't want to give any clues, but its definetly a site to advocate a very very popular movement currently going on. And you guessed it, it'll be responsive.

I'm so so excited to unveal all of these upcoming projects to you guys. Thanks for your support, and remember to feed back if you want to see something new and different.

Novemeber 25, International Day for the Elimination of Domestic Violence Against Women

Posted by Whispers on March 22, 2012 at 2:51 PM Comments comments (1)

I've had lots of friends who were in an abusive relationship. I feel it's our duty to help the spread the awareness that this is not good at all.

Below are some Pictures I've made for a friend who wanted to introduce this day to her community.

There'll be more on the way.

Places O' Places

Posted by Whispers on March 11, 2012 at 11:06 PM Comments comments (0)

Decided to go around town and take random pics.



Posted by Whispers on March 11, 2012 at 10:51 PM Comments comments (0)

Highly inspired by Headge's designs. Please enjoy.


My Earliest Work

Posted by Whispers on March 10, 2012 at 8:25 PM Comments comments (0)


MS Paint and I go way back. Probably all the way back before I even knew what Microsoft World and the Internet Explorer were. It was there I discovered that with my junky ole' mouse I could create just about anything.... in a pixalated way, but hey, I had to start from somewhere. Right?


Main Inspiration:

 The PowerPuff Girls

As funny as it sounds, these 3 lil bundles of joy sparked my interest in graphic art, and for months I would sit in front of my mega old desktop, wrestling with my slow mouse just so I could draw basic shapes. Of course I knew nothing of saving files in an external file as a back up, cause after months of perfecting my work, it died along with my desktop. Oh the devestation. Lesson for everyone: BACK UP YOUR FILES!!

Below I'm displaying some of the pictures I created afterwards with another desktop (which died 2 years later, but I learned to back up my files then).


I've taken the liberty to arrange it in order of creation. I started in paint and progressed into a more advanced photo/graphic editing program.





Posted by Whispers on October 20, 2011 at 6:50 AM Comments comments (0)

Again, still exploring around;

I'm working on re-vamping one of my old projects.

Here, I'll show you a snippet of it:

Any more than this, I'll give it away, so until then this is it!


Posted by Whispers on October 14, 2011 at 8:55 AM Comments comments (0)

Currently exploring around with various cms programs.

Wordpress: I'm learning PHP, and with the amount of pluggins there are, makes life easy for me... still,  a bit difficult to fully customize.

Modx: Navigating around is EXTREMELY confusing, so I might have to take my time with this one.

Concrete 5: My ultimate favorite, however, there's limited plugins, so I have to implement in some additional codings, and... let's face it.... it's hard.

CushyCMS:  honestly, it's not bad. I get the chance to use the layouts I want, and all I manage is the content.... which I feel that's what a real CMS should do.

I've heard some really good things about CuteNews when I was starting out designing, I think I'll explore it later down the line.

This is what I'm working on right now...  some good ole' fashioned html site is easiest for me... but I have to remember I'm designing some websites for other people.... other.... non webby people, so anything to help them manage it would be AWESOME