E.B.'s Portfolio

Personal Statement

 I was born and raised in Verona, Italy, where I was heavily influenced by the city’s arts and design to be who I am today. I was raised to speak and understand more than three languages for the purpose of future traveling. I moved to Indianapolis at the age of 11 with my family and it was not really hard to adjust to the change. Quickly, I developed an interest for many other things outside of design, and soon after, my interest of being a designer was temporarily put on hold. Time passed, and as much as I was interested in these other occupations, I knew that deep inside me I was never going to really be happy unless I had some kind of design incorporated into my future occupation.  After I graduated from high school I had no clue in what to study but I had an interest in environment; I used to do a lot of garden work during the summer, I also had passion in keeping my community clean, so I was involved in a lot of church and school organizations that sole mission was to help keep the community clean. I attended Ivy Tech Community college, and I studied in the design technology program. I felt it was the right field for me since it has evolved overtime to helping the environment be green and clean.  I decided to pursue it, and I haven’t regretted it ever since.

In Ivy Tech I was involved in many of the organizations that the school provided such as Campus Activities Board, ASIA club, Black Student Union, and many more. I was a devoted member, and I loved everyone that was in each organization. This experience strengthened my communication skills and my social etiquette. I was involved in these groups while keeping my grades and GPA above average and it allowed me membership in the Ivy Tech’s Phi Theta Kappa honor society.

My ability of being a trilingual will allow a company to benefit from me especially if they want to have international relations.  My involvement in being in multiple organizations in college can benefit the company because I am organized, I work at a fast pace, I have great social skills, multitask and meet deadlines. Also, I don’t only like to work in a specific area, I like to work in multiple places if I’m allowed to do so.  After I finish with my associates program, I would like to further my studies in architecture by transferring into an accredited 4-year institution. I believe this program allows me to use my creativity and integrate it with science to create something wonderful to benefit our environment.


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