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Posted by Whispers on October 17, 2012 at 9:00 AM

You may have noticed a new button on the side bar recently; the PayPal Donation Button.

I am ready to advance into a much more professional  task, and I realize I need to have better tools in order to achieve better drawings, in a short amount of time.

What I have in mind is a tablet; a drawing tablet, and I wish to stop using the regular ole' mouse to draw my illustrations. It's time consuming, hurts my wrists and I can't fully express myself, because the smallest details that takes me 2 seconds to add in paper, takes 2 weeks to accomplish with the mouse. I looked around for a good tool for a newbie like myself (at an affordable price) and I found the Wacom Bamboo Create - Digitizer to be a good match, but it runs for a wopping $ 199 (I found a great deal for 150, but it's like once every month or so). Anyway, it's alot for me right now, and I could use some help, as I'm trying to get back on my feet.

There's another version, a cheaper version, but reading the reviews, the biggest complaints were painful wrists as it is only a 6 x 4 tablet with not much room to doodle around, and I'm already having troubles with that, even by using my trusty ole' mouse that I replace every 2 years.

I do plan on buying this around black friday OR cyber monday (first week of January), and I have until then to do so. Whatever I have left over I'll donate it to the red cross.

I have so many things planned, and I don't want to use my old method as it (once again) takes forEVER and all that spent time I could use to do some free poster giveaways content and such, and give back to the community through my art.

Anyways, whatever you can give would be trully appreciated, and mark my words, it is for a good cause. I am ready to explore this type of art as I'm not very familiar with it, and I'm ready to invest it on the well being of my community and all my nice fans too. Thank you!

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