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Posted by Whispers on March 10, 2012 at 8:25 PM


MS Paint and I go way back. Probably all the way back before I even knew what Microsoft World and the Internet Explorer were. It was there I discovered that with my junky ole' mouse I could create just about anything.... in a pixalated way, but hey, I had to start from somewhere. Right?


Main Inspiration:

 The PowerPuff Girls

As funny as it sounds, these 3 lil bundles of joy sparked my interest in graphic art, and for months I would sit in front of my mega old desktop, wrestling with my slow mouse just so I could draw basic shapes. Of course I knew nothing of saving files in an external file as a back up, cause after months of perfecting my work, it died along with my desktop. Oh the devestation. Lesson for everyone: BACK UP YOUR FILES!!

Below I'm displaying some of the pictures I created afterwards with another desktop (which died 2 years later, but I learned to back up my files then).


I've taken the liberty to arrange it in order of creation. I started in paint and progressed into a more advanced photo/graphic editing program.




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